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Actress on a Stage



On this page are some links to information that may be useful to you as you prepare for an audition in high school.


If you’re interested in what a drama teacher might look for, here are some tips and then head right on over to this blog post by high school drama teacher Erik Ball.

Killing It

As actors we want to nail every audition ("killing it") and get the role we think we deserve. We study hard, we rehearse, we overcome our nerves and give it our best. But what might a successful audition look like?

HERE is a clip from "Every Little Step", a documentary about mounting a revival of the musical A Chorus Line. This musical is about the drama that is part of casting for a Broadway musical. It is based on real-life interviews with Broadway stars and Broadway wannabes. In the musical each potential cast member is asked what got them to where they are.


The "Killing an Audition" to the right is by Jason Tam for the role of "Paul" in A Chorus Line. Tissues might be handy...

You think tap is not Cool?

Musicals is all about acting, singing and dancing. If you are good in all three, you are considered a "triple threat". In auditions, those who can deliver on that title may get cast more often. There are many different styles of dancing that may come about in musicals.

For some, learning tap dance is one of he least favorite things to do. For others, it's the cats meow. If you're on the fence, here and here are some videos that show how cool tap really is and why you should show it off at audition time.

Auditions are stressful.
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