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Union "A" High school 1922

On our way to becoming one of the top 5 Washington State High Schools for theater, Lake Washington High School began as Kirkland High School (also called Union “A” High School) in 1922—a gathering of students from as far away as Monroe and Duvall.


Twenty seven years later, the school moved up the hill from Market Street to its present address. After a mascot change in 1935 from "Hornets" to "Kangeroos", and after two major remodels on that building, a brand new home for the Kangs opened September 2011—same school, different building.

But school pride is not bound by the structure that houses us; our Kang spirit is as steadfast and vibrant today as it has ever been. In 1930, the student body selected purple and white—symbolizing wisdom and purity—as their school colors.


Today, our colors shine just as brightly, and our school motto—Strong, we will never fall— reflects the same optimism and dreams that the Kangs of 1923 hoped for. The rare character born at LWHS in 1930—a clever kangaroo called Lizzie—still delights us as our school mascot.


Lake Washington High School Theatre has a long history of high quality stage productions. We focus on teaching theatre skills applicable to our students in community and professional theatre. But most importantly, the skills that students learn in theatre apply to nearly all other career choices.

We promote learning opportunities in the performing arts that spark knowledge, self-confidence, leadership skills, critical thinking, empathy, understanding and acceptance of others, taking responsibility, public speaking, and inspire creative thinking, individual expression, and to contribute as a valuable member of a close-knit team.


Our inclusive theatre program aims to:

  1. Expose students to all aspects of the practice of theatre including but not limited to acting, stage management, set design and set building, script writing, lighting & sound, improv, directing, dancing, singing, and movement.

  2. Engage parents and community members in all aspects of creating community theatre.

  3. Provide fun, inspiring, entertaining and affordable live theater events for the East Side community.


Team hands.

Past Productions

Our comfortable theater seats
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