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When most people hear donation, the think of money. And yes, sure, money is a great way to donate and show you care, but sometimes other things are appreciated just as much.​

Donate your time, energy and expertise. To put a show together takes a lot of time and energy. And a lot of people. ("It Takes a Village") And although we try to have many jobs done by the students, often they need adult training, education and supervision. If you can volunteer some of your time, that would be a great gift to us, and if you take pride in what the (your) kids do, I can guarantee you'll feel great on opening night!

  • Set design

  • Set building, painting and dressing

  • Lighting design

  • Financials

  • Ushering

  • Props making

  • Costuming

  • ...and many, many more

  • Photography and/or videography

  • Items (stuff). We are always looking for donations in kind. Check with us in advance, but here are some things that we might be very happy with (again, please check with us first before you buy or give!)

    • Cast Fuel: Food for the cast and crew during tech week, at rehearsals or between show if they have two show that day.

    • Hard to find props, costumes or set dressing items

    • ...many more.

And do you know that some employers will donate money to us for you to volunteer? Check with your HR department!

Theater volunteers
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