Show Fees

Putting together a musical is surprisingly expensive. Here are some of the expenses: rights to perform, rental of scripts and music tracks or pay the orchestra members, vocal and dance teachers, materials to build the sets, costume rentals or materials to make them, purchasing props, etc. etc. It all adds up to $10,000-$15,000. Of course some of that money comes back to use in the form of ticket sales, but that all depends on how many tickets we sell. 

For most of our musicals the show fee for students is $150 per person.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact Ms Heetbrink, Drama Teacher and Director of the show.


Yes, you can ask for and receive a Scholarship. 


Some years ago, after a long day with a client, I sat in an Irish pub in Boston, enjoying some excellent cottage pie for dinner. The clientele was distinctly authentic. One of the guys at the bar motioned to the barkeep, who took a sizable stoneware crock from one of the shelves and put it next to the patron. The man took a $100 bill from his wallet, opened the jar's lit, and deposited the money. And back on the shelf the jar went. My curiosity was piqued.

When I paid for my dinner and my adult Irish beverage, I asked about the jar. The bar tender (and owner) showed me that the jar contained money; a lot. Enough to keep a sizable family in food for several months. He explained that this was the rainy day fund for patrons in need. If you needed support, you'd ask, but mostly somebody in the bar already knew that you needed help. After you recovered, you'd pay it back. No pressure, no promises, no IOU's, no deadline, no paperwork, but a simple honor system: if and when you could, you would. Although the net amount had fluctuated over the years, most of the time re-payments and straight donations provided a steady increase in available funding. I was impressed, and still am. I added to the jar.

We have a jar like that for a waver of the Theatre participation fees and tickets to see your thespian in a show. If you would like to apply for a waiver, the LWHS Theatre Boosters have set-up a special scholarship fund with ASB for that.

The process is simple and anonymous. Nobody in the Drama department or in the show will be informed about anybody receiving financial support. Please submit the scholarship request form to the office or contact our LWHS Theatre Boosters for more information .

If you know of a candidate for a scholarship, please let them about this opportunity. Or let us know, so we can reach out. And if you feel you should put some money in the jar to pay it forward, contact the Theatre Boosters or simply click the donate button. Thank you!