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To LWHS Mamma Mia Cast, audience friends, and family.

Congratulations to all the LWHS Mamma Mia cast members!!! Mrs. Heetbrink is on her honeymoon in London as you know and she was really not happy that she could not visit you and see any of your performances.

She deputized us to go in her stead and we have reported to her that we loved it and she would have also. You all did a fabulous job. We saw the show on Saturday night, and what a show it was. The amount of energy, the volume of smiles on stage, and the talent you all showed was off the charts. It was abundantly clear that you all loved to be in this high energy show.

We're sure that from the audience reactions you could tell that the performance was greatly appreciated and admired by them and us, and rightfully so. You outdid yourselves.

Unfortunately we could not stay after the show to show our admiration for you in person, but please know that we were duly impressed.

Also kudos to your fellow LWHS class mates who showed up to show their support. Drama people are one big family and we all are rooting for you all the time. Many theatre friendships continue way past graduation. Like Randy Newman sang "You Got a Friend in me". Keep on acting and let your friends know when you are!

Cindy and Dutch Heetbrink

We are Working on These Prospective Shows for 2022-2023

Welcome to LWHS Theatre

We are thrilled you are here! Lake Washington High School Theatre has played an important role in the school and in the community since 1922. Our commitment is to TEACH all that theatre education has to offer. Performing is fun, but all-around education is our goal. Our shows are a culmination of everything students have learned. Ralph Waldo Emerson said “It's not the Destination, It's the journey”. That is Theatre in High school.

On this website you will find information about upcoming shows, links to purchasing tickets, our history, our mission, support opportunities, and any other theatre related events and information. If you have comments, questions, or need more information. Contact us.

We pride ourselves in providing an all-encompassing educational experience in drama. Students learn much about acting and the world skills that derive from that. They also get hands-on with the technical side of theater, all while having fun, making or renewing friendships, and do so in a safe and inclusive environment. View the LWHS Theatre Boosters Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement here.

This school year you will find new ways to audition, rehearse, and perform our shows, despite Covid-19. Theatre has been around since the Sixth Century BC, and has gone through many, many changes. Please support us; the students and our theatre program. Stay tuned and visit here once in a while to get the latest information on what we are planning.

If you want to get actively involved and make a difference, we have an outstanding Theatre Booster organization which we hope you will join. They are very active in support of LW Theatre and they have a blast doing it. Whether you want to support your student, be a community volunteer and help out, or want to financial support us, come and join us. Stay in touch this summer!