Three Musketeers Characters

Please Note that we are double casting this show. Each show will perform 3 times.


There will be a Classic Cast (as written[C]) and a Girl Power Cast (with main characters played by ladies[GP]).


The GP version is not changing the genders of characters, but actors will be acting as the gender of the character as written, also known as “pants roles.”


D’Artagnan (C-M, GP-F)

An aspiring musketeer who is a bit clumsy but has an incredible amount of heart


Athos (C-M, GP-F)

One of the famous three musketeers, the darker, brooding one


Porthos (C-M, GP-F)

One of the famous three musketeers, silly and vain, but lovable


Aramis (C-M, GP-F)

One of the famous three musketeers, a shameless flirt, quick to defend a lady’s honor


Cardinal Richlieu (C-M, GP-F)

The villain, working against the king and queen to try and gain power


Rochfort (doubles as Stanley) (C-M, GP-F)

Richlieu’s sidekick who does all of his dirty work


Male Ens 1 (King Louis XIII/ D’Artagnan’s father/Basille/Fouquest/Fache)- (M)



Male Ens 1 (Treville/Duke of Buckingham/Ravanche/Ruffian/Innkeeper/DeBris)- (M)



Sabine- (F)

D’Artagnan’s upstart sister who doesn’t want to be a “proper lady” and would rather sword fight


Milady/Old Woman- (F)

a mysterious woman with her own agenda who works with Cardinal Richlieu and is willing to employ many tactics to get what she wants


Constance Bonacieux/Female Ens 1 (Adele/Sister at School)- (F)

The queen’s lady-in-waiting, sweet, demure, has eyes for D’Artagnan


Female Ens 2 (Queen Anne/D’Artagnan’s mother/Elise/Mother Superior/Abbess)- (F)