Seeing a show more than once

Seeing a show more than once is a time honored tradition. Here are some reasons why others do it:

  • Love the atmosphere

  • See show/see my student again

  • It's an inexpensive night out

  • Supporting the Theatre program

  • It's not about how the story ends, it's about the telling of the tale

  • I love the music, so I want to hear it again. Its like buying the album

  • It's live, so each show is different [Hopefully not TOO different...]

  • Each time I see my student on stage, I feel proud all over again

  • I enjoy hanging out with the parents of the other actors and talk about the show

  • I have nostalgic memories of being involved in theatre myself

  • I'm just a theatre nut

  • I helped with the production/helped built the set and I want to see it again

  • A Theater smells special, doesn't it?

  • I love the anticipation just before the lights go down in the house

  • Theater is the building, theatre is the art, right? [Yes, you are right!]

  • I just want to support the kids. Theatre is important for their growth

  • Better than an evening watching TV