Bio Submission

Bio Submission

  • Submit your Bios as soon as possible.

  • They are submitted electronically below.

  • Headshots: submit your own at or we will use last years' if we have it,

  • Bios should be approximately 4-5 sentences long, about 400 characters.

  • The body should be written in the third party (he/she/they, his/her/theirs).

  • Start with your First Name then Last Name.

  • Include your Graduation Year ('20. '21, etc.)

  • In parentheses, include your role and understudy role if you have one, i.e. Sara Durham '20 (Mrs. Potts, U/S Belle).

  • Numbers, such as grade or age should be written out. (Tenth grade versus 10th grade).

  • Shows included within are to be typed with the role in italics, i.e. Annie Jr. Annie.


Sample Bios (These are just samples - do not make yours just like these, or they all look/sound the same.)


Sara Durham '20 (Mrs. Potts, U/S Belle). Sara is a senior and is very excited to be a part of the fall production. Her list of stage successes includes The Music Man, Singing in the Rain, Our Town, and Seussical: The Musical. She is also a member of Thespians. Aside from performing, Sara also likes to travel, write, and be with friends. She would like to dedicate her performance to her Family and her fellow Castle Cast!


Daniel Jepson '22 (Villager,  U/S Cogsworth). Daniel is greatly anticipating this year’s first production. He enjoys every aspect of the theater, from the stage to running sound! He has been in productions ranging from Our Town to Singin’ in the Rain and looks forward to finishing high school with another great year of drama. Daniel wants to thank his parents, Peter, Kristen's mom for driving him home from rehearsals and Ms. Heetbrink for this opportunity.


If this is your first show or you do not have much theatrical experience that is okay. Let people know it is your debut on stage. Let them know what you like to do outside the theater or how you came to be involved in the theater. Thank those that encouraged you to try the theater, or helped you prepare for your audition. If you have taken voice, dance or acting lessons, feel free to include that.


If you have a long list of shows you will need to pick the most meaningful shows or most significant roles that you have had.


Remember that you are sharing yourself with the audience in your bio and that you are representing not only you, but your family, the theatre department, and Lake Washington High School as well.