Newsies Characters

M= Male, F= Female, N= Gender Flexible


This is a musical with a lot of dancing. However, there are some roles that do not require dancing and some that do not require singing, as noted below.

Jack Kelly (M)- Charismatic leader of the Manhattan Newsies, is an orphaned dreamer and artist who yearns to get out of the city. Though living on the streets has given him a tough exterior, he has a big heart.


Katherine Plummer (F)- Ambitious young reporter who works hard to make a name for herself as a legitimate journalist in a time when women aren’t taken seriously. She is quick, witty, and resourceful.
Must have excellent diction.


Crutchie (N)- Dedicated newsie with a bum leg that’s painful, but helps him sell more papes. Though he walks with a crutch, it doesn’t define him. He has a goofy-sweet sense of humor. Limited Dancing.


Davey (M)- Les’s straight-laced, bright, big brother. Starts selling newspapers to help his family make a living, but gets swept up in the strike. He is the brains of the resistance.


Les (M)- Davey’s cheeky younger brother who is inspired by the freedom of the newsies.
He is precocious and a natural newsie.


Joseph Pulitzer (M)- Pompous businessman through and through, he owns The World and is concerned solely with the bottom line. He is Katherine’s father and does not sympathize with the strike. Non-dancing.


Medda Larkin (M)- a Vaudeville performer and saloon singer who owns a theater that she offers as a safe haven for newsies. She is funny and a friend to Jack. Non-dancing.


Spot Conlon (N)- A proud leader of the Brooklyn newsies, boasts an intimidating reputation.


Seitz (N)- an editor and advisor to Pulitzer, admires the kids/their spunk. Non-dancing.


Race (N)- Featured Newsie. Known for smoking a cigar and starting “King of New York”


Romeo (M)- Featured Newsie. A flirt who will do anything for the ladies.


Featured Newsies (N) Albert, Buttons, Elmer, Henry, Ike, Mike, Mush, Specs, Finch, Splasher, JoJo, Tommy Boy- Sassy, Spunky. Homeless orphans who turn on the charm to sell newspapers every day in New York City.


Bunsen (N)- Pulitzer’s Bookkeeper, comes up with the idea to raise the price of papes. Non-dancing.


Hannah (F)- Pulitzer’s practical and insightful secretary. Non-dancing.


Wiesel (N)- or “Weasel” runs the distribution window for the World and knows most of the newsies by name. He is assisted by the Delancy brothers who keep order by any means necessary. Non-dancing. Non-singing.


Oscar and Morris Delancy (M)- tough guys who work at the distribution window, tend to end up throwing fists. Non-dancing. Non-singing.


Snyder (M)- The crooked, sinister warden of The Refuge, a filthy and horrible orphanage, only cares about money. Non-dancing. Non-singing.


Mayor (M)- Rebuffs Pulitzer’s attempts to shut down the Newsies strike. Non-dancing. Non-singing.


Governor Teddy Roosevelt (M)- well-respected, lifelong public servant, inspiring. Non-dancing. Non-singing.

Ensemble Includes: Nuns, Scabs, Goons, Policemen, Multiple Named Speaking Roles

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