Les Mis Paper Props

Upon leaving prison, Jean Valjean receives his yellow ticket of leave.

In addition to a full description of Jean, it indicates he is "Extremely Dangerous". Legally he has to show this document to inn-keepers, employers, and all others he comes in contact with. It also asks for anybody to assist Jean to get back to his home town.

For our production of Les Mis, I re-created the document in MS Publisher for use during rehearsals and performance. You are free to print and use them.


Below two PDF's of the document, ready for you to print 2-sided: One letter size and the other legal size. The legal size is likely closer to the original. Just print and carefully cut off the white border if your printer does not print edge-to-edge.

Fantine is working in a factory, owned by Jean Valjean. A letter she received from Madame Thernadier about her daughter's health is snatched and read aloud by another worker.

Here is a PDF's of that letter (2 copies side-by-side), ready for you to print front and back. Just print, carefully cut it in half for two copies and remove the white border if your printer does not print edge-to-edge. 

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