Donors and Sponsors


Bridge Partners

The Davis Team

Lund Orthodontics

Carillon Choir

Tres Hermanos*

Bella Bottega Regal Cinema*

The Seattle Times*

SignMakers Inc.*

LWHS Theatre Donors and Sponsors proudly support LWHS Theater activities

Sponsors and Donors are special guardians, protectors and supporters of our educational theatre work, both socially and financially.


We thank the following persons and companies for their generous contribution. A * denotes a donation in kind.

Join us in supporting LWHS Theatre

Audience Angels ($250)

Angela Finney

Elisabeth Anton-McIntyre

Dianna Caley

Amy Maher

Law Office of Kristin Lillquist

Friends of the Theatre
(Up to $100)

Christine King

Bill Bull

Linda Leste

Tere Kaulfus
Dianna Caley

Chinda Tilson
Jennifer Malick
Dutch Heetbrink
Ben Edgerton
Gavin and Sabrina Harris
Dana Nasby

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Fun Support

Booster Board

  • President – Linda Leste

  • Secretary – Margaret Chorlton

  • Treasurer – Dianna Caley

  • Props Mistress – Aimee Woolwine

  • Costuming Magician – Karee Oliver

  • Lobby Sales – Sherri Monteith

  • Concessions – Lisa Musil

  • Lobby Sales – Heather Richins

  • Producer – Shanna Barr

  • Producer – Jennifer Malick

  • Publicity – Christine King

  • Cast Fuel – Mako Guest

  • At Large – Heather Ortega

  • At Large – Jessica Reeg

  • Fundraising – OPEN


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for Arts in STEM to make STEAM.