Build a basic 3 Step unit

  • This is a basic three step unit to provide access to a 24” or 32” platform.

  • Step units come in all shapes and sizes.

  • This particular step unit was designed for those who only have access to a circular saw and ¾” plywood.

  • It measures 2’(w) x 2’ 3”(d) x 2’(h). The rise is 8” and the run is 9”. It is made out of ¾” plywood.

  • The unit would typically be attached to the floor and platform with L-brackets or hinges.

  • If the step unit is altered to be wider than 2’, additional support must be added every 16” to 24” under each tread.

  • For maximum strength and stability, use appropriate fasteners and wood glue.

  • Please note that when dimensions of lumber are given, the actual size will be followed by an inch (1”) or foot (1’) mark, while the nominal size will not.

  • Example: Nominal size = 1 x 3 vs Actual size = ¾” x 2 ½” (Learn more here)

  • Always check for square!

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