Build a Jack

  • This is a triangular frame used to brace and provide lateral support to flats.

  • Jacks can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes

  • This particular jack was designed for those who do not have access to miter saws (to cut angled pieces).

  • Jacks are typically placed behind flats and screwed to the frame of the flat. The base is either screwed to the floor or weighted. These are re-used from set to set, so glue is not used to attach the jack to the flat.

  • However, glue is used within the unit when building it.

  • This jack measures 2’ x 8’ and is made out of 1 x 3 pine, ¾” x 5” pine, and ¼” Luan.

  • Please note that when dimensions of lumber are given, the actual size will be followed by an inch (1”) or foot (1’) mark, while the nominal size will not.

  • Example: Nominal size = 1 x 3 vs Actual size = ¾” x 2 ½” (Learn more here)

  • Always check for square!